She loves the moon and sky and all things there in that rise up to heaven and cross the seasons.  The Artist D. Annette Ball brings to you her distinctively unique view of spirit as it speaks to her from the natural world around in its unique melodic voice.  She was born and currently lives in New Mexico. The colors of the natural world around her combine with her synesthesia, a crossing of the senses, to influence each piece at once with what she sees and hears.

Her unique multimedia sculpture is shaped in two and three dimensions by the voice of the subject telling its story to her as she works.   The stories are captured as well and each unique piece comes with a written tale of the spirit that drove her hands and vision for the piece.

Her photography is driven by the voice of the subject that called her out into the world and shows her where and how to capture what can never be fully captured.  The photographic composites she crafts by bringing together many of her photographs into a single perfect rendering of the story  as told by the spirit of the place and subject.  Individual pieces may be rendered on unique papers, metal, stone, wood and include encasement and metallic treatments to printed work.

Watercolor, oil on leather, acrylic and etchings are all brought to her through that frequency she tunes into to hear the spirit of the work.  Treatments creating unique finishes in wax, metallics, and other finishing treatments are often applied to paintings and sketches.

She works primarily solo but also together with other creative souls to create collaborative works of art with other artists and writers.  She teaches using visualization techniques to stimulate creativity and conjure a vision of work.  She herself dreams many of her works and assists others in developing creative dreaming techniques.  Her body of work includes both her own unique visions as well as commissioned work.

Ms. Ball holds a master of arts degree and her art has been shown in New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Washington and Texas.  She is both an analyst and an artist using the combined gift granted by the synchronization of both hemispheres of brain in software design as well as her art to create function and form in distinctly different dimensions.  Its all about intent she likes to say. She is an artist and entrepreneur of integrity and honesty in as much as there is nothing new in the universe and yet each and every work of art is unique unto itself. And so are each of us an artist in our own right.

Enjoy the work!