Generations Spiritworks Art Opening

by D. Annette Ball in Welcome

Generations Spirit Works Galleria welcomes you to the gallery opening for the Fine Art of D. Annette Ball.

This opening also marks the official grand opening of Generations Spirit Works Galleria so we hope that you enjoy the one of many openings for talented artists from across the Generations creating works of their spirit. We have chosen to identify as a digital through a redefinition of galleria in the digital new normal.  Our Galleria being a spacious digital passageway, court, or digital mall for Art, with a vaulted structure of websites and lined with the works of artists. Perhaps one day the structural Galleria will be born, but perhaps not.

As I write this introduction to our new gallery it strikes me that 2020 is a particularly odd time to open an art gallery or any business for that matter. Here we are in the midst of sheltering in place from the pandemic and the turmoil of a dramatic a social upheaval of an attempted social and cultural revolution.  It is true no one can come to our gallery to experience of the presence of the art win the physical world with which the mood, emotion, sound, feel, and soulful interplay of light immerses  the senses of the observer with its spirit. And so yes, for now, the Galleria remains virtual. Nor is this a traditional Galleria, but it is certainly representative of the architectural concept in technological web architecture in which we now build our lives during a pandemic. The new normal as everyone likes to say these days.

Though not a new idea, virtual art galleries are likely the new normal. While it serves the purpose of laying eyes on the work of the artist, it is certainly less satisfying than physical the gallery. Being in the presence of the art is a much more meaningful experience. The spirit of the work and the artist is revealed at once to the beholder through the ability to experience the art rather than merely to observe. Experience is the inability to connect with the Spirit of the Art and Artist that is necessary to deeply and fully appreciate the work.  Therefore live music is a more satisfying experience than music recordings, regardless of how much we may love the recording and the beauty of the music.  Visual art is not so different.  While you can see it in digital form and appreciate its beauty, its emotion and intent, indeed you will find amazingly beautiful art on the internet (hopefully ours included) and the internet has introduced art and art forms to a much wider audience that at any time in history.

Generations Spirit Works Galleria exits to celebrate that spirit and the gift of the artist.

Generations will always promote more art, the art of each generation will be represented here.

We hope that if you share this appreciation for the spirit of the Art or if you would like the Spirit of your Art represented you will reach out to us and share your thoughts, your appreciation of the value of Art, share with us your gift of the creative and perhaps together we can in our own way preserve the cultural and esthetic value of Art and the gift of the ability of the Artist to represent visually what is given by spirit.

The 4 + 20 Blackbirds blog offers a virtual salon to discuss Art in the world today and the Artist. We seek to introduce new artists of all ages and backgrounds without a voice to express what they wish to communicate in word, to share with the world about their Art, the value of Art in the world and culture, the culture of Art, the inspiration, the influences, the voice of the spirit of Art in all of its many forms.

Ms. Ball and other artists represented by Generations Spirit Works will share with you here their views on art, culture and society from the perspective of the artists.

Join us here.  One day when we walk again in the sun of this brave new world, when the darkness of this time has passed over, we will once again experience with our whole person the spirit of the Art, the gift of the Artist. #stopviolenceagainstart #moreartnotless #artmatters

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D. Annette Ball
Welcome to the virtual Art World Generations!

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