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by D. Annette Ball in Miscellaneous

Now representing the art of D. Annette Ball

Generations SpiritWorks Creative and Gallery, is an online gallery shop dedicated to showcasing the rich artistic heritage of New Mexico and the American West. As a subsidiary of Dorothy A Ball Creative a company deeply rooted in the history and culture of this state and the Southwest.

Created and managed in the picturesque rural Village of Corrales, New Mexico, this online gallery is a reflection of the vibrant spirit that permeates our surroundings. The sky, the land, and the diverse cultures that have shaped this region all come together to inspire the Spirit and inform our artistic vision for the Works we represent .

At Generations SpiritWorks Creative and Gallery is committed to representing both established and emerging artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their unique talents. Generations SpiritWorks online gallery features a diverse range of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, digital transformations, photography, and more.

In addition to the curated collection, Generations SpiritWorks Creative hosts virtual exhibits and openings, allowing art enthusiasts from around the world to experience the beauty and creativity of our artists. Through these events, the aim is to to foster a online sense of community and connection among artists and art lovers alike.

The philosophy at Generations SpiritWorks is that art has the power to inspire, educate, and transform lives through the spiritual and intellectual power of each unique piece. That’s why the gallery offers art education programs, workshops, and other unique resources to help individuals of all ages, skill levels and interests explore their creativity and develop their artistic abilities.

As a retail art gallery, Generations SpiritWorks Gallery offers a wide range of art products, including canvas prints and framed posters, and other products that are hand crafted and shipped on demand. By creating products as they are ordered, we reduce overproduction and allow our customers to make thoughtful purchasing decisions.  The customer service team is available to assist with purchases and to accept requests and work with customers in developing commissioned original art by the artists represented.

You are invite you to explore my work currently represented Generations SpiritWorks Creative and Gallery online as well as this one. Discover the beauty and spirit of this unique and original virtual art scene, and join us in celebrating the power of art and soul. You can now purchase on demand prints of many of the by my images found here at Generations SpiritWorks Art Gallery online. There are links from the pieces to the gallery where they can be ordered.

Be sure to visit this unique and up and coming home for our art on the internet and be sure to sign up for Spirit messages email to keep up with art news and happenings at Generations SpiritWorks Gallery.

Thank you and be sure follow us thorough Generations SpiritWorks Creative social media that can be found on the gallery website as well.

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